Wait, Lukas Gage and Chris Appleton Are Engaged?

Perhaps I haven’t had enough Red Bull for this: Lukas Gage and Chris Appleton are allegedly engaged!

The two lovebirds are rumored to have popped the question, thanks in part to nefarious little tipsters that spoke with Us Weekly and Just Jared. According to the former’s sources, “They’re not telling the public yet, but they have told friends they are engaged. They got engaged before they even had rings and then went to pick them out together.” Not much else is given on the engagement, except that “Friends think they are a great couple. Even though they moved very quickly, everyone around them is very excited about their relationship.”

If the friends who sell stories about them won’t spill the beans, let’s see if their Instagram accounts have anything to reveal about this supposed tryst.

In his most recent post from Tuesday, Appleton posted outtakes from his L’Officiel Arabia shoot. In the comments, Gage wrote: “Take me out!!! 😍” Not much in the way of clues.

Earlier this week, Appleton also shared snaps from the apparent awards ceremony where he won Celebrity Hairdresser of the Year. Underneath, Gage quipped: “U r the best ever🔥” In response, Appleton wrote, “we the best babe.” Still no clues, but the romance between them is obviously white hot. A man who’s almost 40 doesn’t reply to Instagram comments unless he’s seriously in love!

Gage’s Instagram is a bit more revealing. After Gage posted a picture of his new dog, Appleton wrote: “He’s a beauty.” Gage, in turn, replied that it was “our genes.” If I didn’t believe they were engaged before, I definitely do now.

For the record, these two were linked after they posted a set of photos from Mexico together. Gage later hung out with Appleton’s daughter, which only deepened the mystery, until Appleton outright told Drew Barrymore they were “very much in love.”

Photo via Stefanie Keenan/Getty


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