10 most popular celebrity streamers on Twitch – Neymar, Post Malone and more

neymar post malone and aguero on twitch
From footballers to rappers everyone’s jumping on Twitch (pic: Twitch/Metro.co.uk)

Twitch is becoming the new hotspot for celebrities with world renowned footballers Sergio Agüero and Neymar leading the pack. 

Gone are the days when Twitch was considered solely a hub for gamers, as now you can find all sorts of content circulating on the platform. 

Whether you’re into sports or enjoy a good betting stream, or simply want to indulge in some random chit-chat under the Just Chatting category, Twitch has got you covered. 

As the cash and followers flow in for top Twitch streamers, it’s no surprise that celebrities are also itching to jump on the bandwagon.

whether it’s to flex their gaming skills or enjoy chats with their devoted fans, live streaming has become a popular pastime for many… and it’s working!

Sergio Agüero, the former Manchester City and Barcelona striker, takes the crown as the most followed celebrity on Twitch, boasting a staggering 4.66 million followers. 

Despite retiring from football at the age of 33, due to a heart condition, Agüero is very active on Twitch, regularly showcasing his skills in FIFA and Valorant, among others.

sergio aguero twitch
Agüero sporting his gaming gear (pic: Twitch)

Claiming the second spot is none other than Neymar, with over 2.13 million followers. The Paris Saint-German forward also likes playing shooters, with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive being his favourite.

Sitting comfortably in third place is none other than Lando Norris, the skilled Formula 1 McLaren driver. Despite having less followers than the previous two – 1.36 million to be exact – Norris is outperforming them in terms of views. 

Norris has even founded his own esports and content team called Quadrant, further showcasing his love for gaming.

In fourth place is American politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, also known by her Twitch handle ‘AOC’, with one million followers. 

aoc on twitch
AOC loves playing Among Us (pic: Twitch)

Besides playing the occasional game of Among Us, AOC has also used her platform to direct her viewers to ‘I Will Vote’, a website that aims to help people establish a voting plan. 

Rapper T-Pain comes in at the fifth spot with almost 900,000 followers. He was one of the first celebrities to arrive on Twitch, and has been regularly streaming since 2020.

He’s also launched his own gaming brand called Nappy Boy Gaming, which also boasts its own YouTube channel.

Ranking in sixth place is Post Malone with over 825,000 followers, although he seems like he’s taking a hiatus at the moment, being that he’s on tour and just welcomed his first child. Dedicated fans of the singer will know his favourite game to play is Apex Legends.

Here are the rest of the celebrities completing the top 10 list: 

  • Andy Milonakis: 649,324 followers 
  • Charles Leclerc: 606,887 followers 
  • Logic: 551, 976 followers 
  • Deadmau5: 524,355 followers 

There are also a few other noteworthy accounts that haven’t been included in the list, such as a channel dedicated to the late Bob Ross.

The account streams old episodes from the Joy of Painting and has 2.1 million followers – enough to put it third on the list – but wasn’t included due to being created by Twitch itself.

Similarly, rappers Soulja Boy and Snoop Dogg, who were immensely popular on Twitch, didn’t manage to make the cut, as their accounts are no longer available.

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