'American Idol' Fans Call Out Katy Perry For 'Trolling' Contestants

Katy Perry is being accused of “trolling” contestants on American Idol.

On the heels of Sunday’s episode, the “Hot N Cold” artist was called out for appearing to trick several singers into believing they were being eliminated, when all of them had actually made it into the next round.

According to Decider, Perry seemingly pulled the stunt on three different occasions, with the first instance being Nutsa Buzaladze. While handing down the judges’ final decision, the hitmaker starts off by saying that while they “really appreciated [her] being in this competition,” they “did not put [her] in the Top 24.” However, Perry goes on to reveal that “you put yourself in that Top 24” with “your spectacular talent” after a dramatic pause, which leaves Buzaladze visibly confused before she realizes what happens and begins to celebrate.


Not only that, but Perry did a similar thing for two other contestants named Zachariah Smith and Evan Williams. In Smith’s case, Perry begins by saying that he “may not go home to flip burgers, but you will be going home,” before clarifying that the purpose of leaving was to “pack a new bag to come back to the Top 24.” As for Williams, she tees things up by saying “the challenging thing about love is when you love something, you have to let it go” and announces that “we have to let you go,” only to finish her sentence by adding that it was “into the Top 24.”

That said, Perry’s antics ended up rubbing people the wrong way, with some arguing that her fake outs were unnecessary and mean-spirited on a show that had “no need for the extra drama.”

“Is it just me or does it bug anyone else that Katy Perry keeps trolling people about whether they made it to the top 24 or not?,” as one fan wrote before calling it “cruel.” Meanwhile, another went so far as to accuse the “I Kissed a Girl” singer of waging “psychological warfare” against everyday people that are simply trying to fulfill their dreams.

Granted, this isn’t the first time Perry’s faced backlash for the way she interacts with competitors on the reality singing show, as she previously made headlines after allegedly “mom shaming” contestant Sara Beth Liebe, who quit the show shortly thereafter. Additionally, the star also came under fire after being accused of making “rude and condescendingโ€ comments about Buzaladze and Carina DeAngelo’s duet performance.

Perry has yet to respond to the latest wave of criticism.

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