The Xbox and Starfield June Showcase is 2 hours long claim sources

Starfield key art
Will there be an intermission? (pic: Microsoft)

Microsoft will be talking about Starfield for 30 minutes at its not-E3 event this summer, but that leaves plenty of time for other games

There’s all sorts of reasons to lament the death of E3, as it drastically reduces the number of hands-on preview opportunities and access to developers, but there are upsides too… including not having to listen to publishers go on about how great they are for hours on end.

Xbox in particular always used to ramble on forever, but it seems that’s not a habit they’ve kicked, with leaks suggesting their June not-E3 event is going to last for two straight hours.

The good news it that implies they’ve got plenty to show, so while some of the time will be spent on already announced games likes Starfield and Forza Motorsport there must be a substantial number of other titles as well. Unless Phil Spencer is going to be beatboxing for half an hour or something.

The information was first leaked by the normally reliable WalkingCat on Twitter but was later clarified by The Verge editor Tom Warren, who corrected the times from AM to PM and claimed that 30 minutes of the show will be dedicated to Starfield.

That means the times would actually be 6pm to 8pm BST on Sunday, June 11 – so easy to watch live from the UK.

As you can see, that’s a long time to be talking about just one game, but Starfield was always supposed to be the focus of the summer showcase, even if the game itself has been delayed until September.

If you assume 30 minutes for Starfield, 30 to 60 minutes to talk about already announced games, then, if you’re optimistic, that leaves plenty of time to reveal new games and debut things like Fable and Avowed.

Although no doubt Microsoft will also go on about the Activision Blizzard acquisition a great deal, as it once again tries to portray the $69 billion purchase as an altruistic move that will benefit gamers everywhere.

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