Twitch streamer banned for wearing bunny outfit while broadcasting live

twitch streamer meowri bunny outfit
She was simply trying to celebrate Easter (pic: Twitter)

Influencer JennaLynnMeowri has received a Twitch ban for wearing a revealing bunny outfit during one of her recent streams. 

JennaLynnMeowri, or Meowri for short, is best known for posting steamy content online, amassing thousands of followers on social media as well as adult content platform OnlyFans. 

She’s also been regularly streaming on Twitch since 2019, where she frequently cosplays various characters with a sexy twist – from Elden Ring’s Malenia to Call Of Duty’s Ghost. 

However, it wasn’t until her recent ‘Playboy bunny cocktail’ themed stream that Meowri received her first ban from the purple platform.

It all started when the influencer hopped on Twitch wearing a bunny outfit after posting a photo of herself holding an Easter egg on Twitter. 

Her broadcast only lasted an hour but it was enough to anger Twitch, which took down her channel in response.

Meowri later revealed that she had been suspended for a day for donning ‘inappropriate attire’ that violated the terms of service of the platform. 

Although her bunny outfit was revealing, many of her supporters found the penalty to be unjustified. 

In particular, fellow streamer Susu claimed that it’s not uncommon to see people stream in bunny outfits, wondering whether people are ‘mad’ because Meowri looks ‘hot.’ 

‘Wouldn’t be surprised if someone botted the report feature,’ Meowri replied. 

Another influencer, Holly Wolf, recalled a similar experience where she was also banned for wearing a bunny outfit. 

In her case, she didn’t even stream wearing the outfit, instead she was wearing it on her profile picture. 

Sexually suggestive conduct is one of the top reasons Twitch streamers get banned, but as in Meowri’s case these types of penalties don’t last for long.

Not long ago Twitch streamer Quqco also received a short-lived ban for using fake breasts prop to try and look like an anime character.   

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