Twitch streamer’s ceiling caves in while broadcasting live

twitch streamer dylastein ceiling collapses
He escaped unscathed (pic: Twitch/

A Twitch streamer saw his life flash before his eyes as his ceiling collapsed behind him during a live broadcast. 

All sorts of unexpected moments have been caught live on Twitch, from a watermelon explosion leaving a streamer covered in fruit bits to a group of friends finding themselves in the middle of a shoot-out.

In most cases, streamers navigate through these situations without harm, but there have been some close calls that left viewers concerned about their well-being. 

That was the case with Dylastein’s broadcast, which took a turn for the worse when his ceiling collapsed, leaving viewers watching in shock.

It all happened while Dylastein was spectating a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive match late at night. 

Suddenly the drywall in the streamer’s bedroom completely detached from the ceiling, causing him to be startled and quickly attempt to exit the room. 

‘What the f***, my ceiling just caved in. The ceiling just f***ing caved in, the actual ceiling just caved in,’ Dylastein repeated in disbelief. 

Less than a minute later, his stream abruptly ended, leaving viewers with a final image of his LED lights dangling low. 

With the incident gaining attention and growing concern for the streamer’s well-being, he turned to Twitter to share the details of what had occurred. 

He explained that the damage to the drywall was caused from a leak in the house’s air conditioning system. 

In another tweet, he mentioned that he had been taking a nap just before his stream, likely in the bed situated directly beneath the damaged area.

Luckily, the drywall didn’t cave in at that time, as the results could have been a lot worse for Dylastein.

A few days later Dylastein returned to Twitch, to thank his viewers for the support, as he and his family have been focusing on fixing the damaged ceiling.

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