xQc suffers break-in scare at Los Angeles home

twitch streamer xqc
He wasn’t at home when it happened (pic: Twitch)

Twitch star xQc revealed he was left terrified by an attempted break-in at his residence in Los Angeles on Easter Sunday.

As xQc can attest, being one of the most followed creators on Twitch has its perks but there’s also a darker side to contend with. 

With a history of enduring almost daily swatting attempts in his previous homes, as well as a highly-publicised breakup with fellow streamer Adept, xQc’s experiences make it abundantly clear that the downsides of online fame are nothing to be sniffed at.

As if that wasn’t enough, during a recent stream the Twitch star revealed that his home was nearly broken into on Easter Sunday, but the police were unable to do anything.

xQc said that he was in the midst of planning a late-night broadcast away from home when he received a suspicious notification on his phone from his security system. 

He recounted seeing a random person pulling up to his house, attempting various combinations to disable the security system, as well as tampering with the camera pointed at the entrance. 

After xQc realised what was happening, he quickly called the police to report the incident. However, he was informed that there wasn’t much that the police could do in light of it being Easter Sunday and the intruder having already made a swift exit. 

‘I call the police, and it’s like a non-emergency type thing, right? I’m not even there, it’s like in the past, right? I’m getting alerts later.’ 

‘I go to the non-emergency line to make a report or whatever, and it’s like, well, it’s Easter, so we kinda can’t do s***. There’s nobody to take that s***,’ the streamer explained. 

While xQc seems fine, it remains uncertain whether he was able to file a report regarding the incident the following day.

Sadly, this is far from the first time Twitch streamers’ safety has been compromised by strangers. 

Amouranth recently revealed that her stalker – who had previously been arrested – has returned and is still trying to break into her house

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